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J-Con: Japanese Connection

The JCon Website!



Japanese Connection, fondly known as JCON, is the Japanese culture club at Ohio University. Talk about club activities, series, whatever you want.

The JCon Website!

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Hey everyone!

Can you believe that it's only about 2 weeks until we go back to school?  I'm working on updating the website a bit right now and was wondering if you all had any comments, suggestions, or ideas.  Please leave anything (or even just to say hi) in the comments.  Have a great rest of the summer and I can't wait to see everyone in September!  ^^


PS. If you forgot, here's the link to the website: http://www.ohio.edu/orgs/jcon/

Edit: I almost forgot!  If anyone has a website they want me to add let me know!  There's a little section for members' sites on the contact page.
  • It's soooooo cute! Great work Melissa!

    Could you add my (Lisa's) info to the website contact page? Also, maybe you could add the Japanese Conversation Hour (5pm Tuesdays in Gordy 113) to the activities page? If you want, I could try and get the contact info and activity explanation from the people running it so we can have their info available to our members.

    email: lm899605@ohio.edu
    AIM: KillerWaffles7
    • Thank you so much! I was actually just about to send you a message on facebook to ask for your contact info. ^^;
  • One more thing!

    Could you also add my info to the Members page?

    Name: Lisa Mieskowski
    Age & Year: 22/23 Super Senior (5th year)
    Major: Psychology
    Minors: Japanese, Geology
    Fav Japanese stuff: curry pan, Hana Kimi, Noir, o-furo

    Thanks! I figure it's easier to add it now rather than when you get the influx of new members.
  • Cool, is the Library Link new?
  • Hey Melissa,
    these are just some things I've thought of as I've looked through the site.
    And obviously, outdated info can be deleted as you see fit (members of the month from a long time ago, links to member sites from members that haven't been around for over 2 years, etc.)

    Under the About page, in addition to the Sakura festival and interacting with Chubu students, you can also add one or two things such as going out to Japanese restaurants, or representing ourselves in Ohio University's annual International Street Fair on Court St.

    Also under the About page, with JCON membership, I'm not entirely sure if JCON members still get discounts at the comic book store. I would have to ask Jon or someone about that one; he might know any of the details about that.

    In the link from the club Activities page that goes to the club minutes, I'm going to diligently ask that Lisa take good minutes and submit them to you as well as diligently ask that you add them to the website before the end of each week. Not only is it in our constitution to do so, but I think it will be useful to new and current members alike. Plus, in the long run, I think it's really nice if we can keep track of our own history. I don't think we've been really good about that as a club.

    Regarding Room 237 on the Activities page, I'm not sure if video games will be happening again this year. I'll make sure to reserve the room and I'll push to have video games happen since it seems to draw in more people and it's part of what our club is about, but we'll have to decide this once the school year starts.

    As far as the member page, I think we should be more active in getting info from the members. Just expecting the members to go out of their way to provide their own doesn't exactly work. I think passing out note cards at, say, the second meeting to all the paid members is a good way to get their info/fav anime, etc. And feel free to add any more info to collect. Make it fun! After the day that we get the mass amount of member info cards, I guess it'll make sense to have Zabeth keep extra note cards for members to fill out as they pay their dues. That way, we can keep up to date.
    Also, what we've done in the past for member ID cards (yes, we used to make those; I can try and see if we can do that again), is that about halfway through the quarter, someone with a digital camera takes pictures of all the paid members (we'll announce which meeting of course). We can then have all the photos in one place instead of waiting for the members to provide them. Or else, you can just use a facebook photo of them at your own discretion. You can do what you like, here.

    Under Links, don't forget to add the club facebook page!
    You can go ahead and remove the OU Chillicothe anime club. I don't think the link is working, we're not really in touch with them anymore, and I can't seem to find any other site of theirs online either.

    Under members sites, Abi, Comrade and Bobo have been absent from JCON now for 2, 5, and 4 years respectively.

    But you can go ahead and add my art site if you want!

    Also, it might be nice to have a photo page for our website for photos of club events and showings, etc. Or else, we can just use the facebook group. It just might look nicer if they're on our own site as well. Either way is fine.

    Other than that, feel free to design your own JCON website layout later on. After all, you are our webmistress. ;D

    Thanks, Melissa!
    • Thank you!

      Oh wow! Thank you so much for all the suggestions! Some of the things I wanted to wait until the year started to fix, like the members page since I'm not sure who's returning or not (the notecards will be super helpful!), but everything else I'll get right onto! ^^ See you this weekend!
      Thanks, Mr. President!
  • Changes!

    Here's a quick update on the things that have been changed so far!
    ~Lisa's contact info added
    ~Removed the comic store discount info on the About page (Obi says it's inaccurate now ;.; )
    ~Added a Minutes page and linked it under the meeting blurb on the Activities page. This will be updated weekly!
    ~Added a Previous Showings page and linked it under the Club Showings blurb on the Activities page (also removed the spring showing list from who knows how long ago...)
    ~Added the Japanese Conversation Hour blurb to the Activities page
    ~Added a little info about the Street Fair (If anyone has more info, please tell me!) and Akai Hana. Warning! Don't click the Akai Hana link if you're hungry! It's the restaurant's website and it has the menu...and it will make you drool...
    ~Removed the Chillicothe link and added the JCon Facebook page and two new member sites links

    ~And last but not least, added a photo page! PLEASE SEND ME PICTURES SO IT'S NOT SAD AND EMPTY!

    Still to be done:
    ~Update Members Page
    ~Check all the links on the Links Page
    ~Room 237?

    Check it out and tell me what you think! Please leave more suggestions! I want to make this website as wonderful as possible.
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