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J-Con: Japanese Connection

The JCon Website!



Japanese Connection, fondly known as JCON, is the Japanese culture club at Ohio University. Talk about club activities, series, whatever you want.

The JCon Website!

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Hey everyone!

Can you believe that it's only about 2 weeks until we go back to school?  I'm working on updating the website a bit right now and was wondering if you all had any comments, suggestions, or ideas.  Please leave anything (or even just to say hi) in the comments.  Have a great rest of the summer and I can't wait to see everyone in September!  ^^


PS. If you forgot, here's the link to the website: http://www.ohio.edu/orgs/jcon/

Edit: I almost forgot!  If anyone has a website they want me to add let me know!  There's a little section for members' sites on the contact page.
  • One more thing!

    Could you also add my info to the Members page?

    Name: Lisa Mieskowski
    Age & Year: 22/23 Super Senior (5th year)
    Major: Psychology
    Minors: Japanese, Geology
    Fav Japanese stuff: curry pan, Hana Kimi, Noir, o-furo

    Thanks! I figure it's easier to add it now rather than when you get the influx of new members.
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