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Anime Jeopardy



Japanese Connection, fondly known as JCON, is the Japanese culture club at Ohio University. Talk about club activities, series, whatever you want.

Anime Jeopardy

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Because Janet just recently got sick, and she hasn't been able to go to classes or watch Max on her own, I might not be able to attend the meeting tomorrow night. If that is the case, I'd like to volunteer to run anime jeopardy at the Halloween showing. I already have most of the questions and topics prepared, and Maple volunteered to help program it. The only thing I'd ask is that it could be placed later on in the schedule for the events room unless people do not want "Schmebes and Nortons" and a new category "Dude, what da f*ck?!" to be included in the game.

I hope everybody is alright with me running Anime Jeopardy because I am really looking forward to it and have been planning out my own questions for quite some time. (Hey, I get bored when I'm by myself and Max is actually being good for once) And if I'm not able to make it to the meeting, I hope that everything goes smoothly, and that everybody is doing well.

Hugs from the Longworths,
  • Thanks, Tom!

    I'll include all this at the meeting.
    Let Janet know we hope she feels better soon!

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