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J-Con: Japanese Connection

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Japanese Connection, fondly known as JCON, is the Japanese culture club at Ohio University. Talk about club activities, series, whatever you want.



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May 28th, 2009

Akai Hana trip

Obadiah, Amish, Ohayocon
Hey all,

Sorry I didn't post this when I first brought it up.

I think it'd be cool for us in JCON to do one last trip this year to Akai Hana restaurant in Columbus.

We can figure out rides during round table of the next JCON meeting.
Let's all plan to meet/leave Athens around 10am on Saturday the 6th of June, so we all arrive roughly the same time.

Feel free to post questions/comments/concerns below.


May 12th, 2009

Hey everybody, since barely anyone showed up for the meeting this week, we'll be nominating/voting NEXT WEEK on series to show for the Saturday showing (May 30), so bring your nominations to the meeting so we'll actually have something to show! :)

Nominations can only consist of anime that is either confirmed to be in the JCON library, or is in your own personal collection (or the collection of someone you know). If we have shown it in the past year, in any showing (regular or Saturday), it may not be nominated. Series that we have shown in regular showings, as long as they haven't also been in a Saturday showing in the last year, may be nominated. The themes this year are Music and Ghibli in one room, and MST3K in the other. Please bring series to nominate!

Also, the International Street Fair is this Saturday, May 16, on Court Street. JCON will have a booth (we're not sure where, yet), and will need people to come help out. All you'll have to do is hang out at the booth and tell people how awesome JCON is. :D Please come help! The fair will run from about 9-5. Any time you can put in will be much appreciated.

Thanks, guys!

May 4th, 2009

Yo, JCon.

So I'm in the market for a used Gameboy Advance, and I thought I'd send the shout-out to all y'all to see if any of you have one you'd like to sell me. I don't really want to buy any games, just the gameboy and a power-cable for it. Any takers?

David and I will be coming to Ohio for the last showing of the quarter (I'm going to Columbus for a work-related seminar that Thursday, we'll be in A-town on Friday) so we could pay for it at that time.

Let me know if you've got one you're willing to sell! You can leave a comment here, email me at mistr3ss quickly at gmail, or IM me on YIM or AIM to the same, mistr3ssquickly.



April 10th, 2009

Here are the last few backgrounds for the quarter. See you all tonight!

Background for 5/22Collapse )

Background for 5/29Collapse )

Background for 6/5Collapse )

Also, sorry if the cuts don't work right. I'm a little bit of an LJ noob. XD


April 9th, 2009

Hiya JCon. Last round of backgrounds you'll get from me. Enjoy!

Background for 4/10Collapse )

Background for 4/17Collapse )

Background for 4/24Collapse )

Background for 5/01Collapse )

Background for 5/08Collapse )

Background for 5/15Collapse )

For those of you who enjoy the odd statistic, since I started doing backgrounds in Fall of 2006, I made 83 backgrounds, 59 of which had a full culture note. They were a lot of fun, and gave me a good excuse to geek out over Japan even more than I already did. ;)


April 7th, 2009

Here's the schedule, guys. Glad some good stuff got in, even though I wasn't allowed to vote. ;_;

Spring 2009 Showing ScheduleCollapse )

Please do note which nights are longer and won't have room for AMVs. We'll run over past the projectors' bedtimes if you show AMVs those nights.

Also, congratulations to the new Executive Board for 2009-2010! In case you're wondering:

President -- Obi
Vice President -- Hanna
Treasurer -- Zabeth
Librarian -- Tori
Web-Mistress -- Melissa
Secretary -- Lisa

Way to get a lot accomplished in one little meeting, JCon! I'm proud of y'all. Makes me almost want to come back home and be part of you again ... :P


April 6th, 2009

Just a reminder to every one that this Tuesday, April 7th, is the day we will be voting for the quarter's showings and for officers for next year.  You each will have 5mins, 3min for a speech and 2min open for QnA.

Below are the names of the people running.






Natalie  B.

April 2nd, 2009

Hey guys, Hanna here. At Molly's request, I've decided to take over making the backgrounds for the showings. Here's the one for the grab-bag:


March 31st, 2009

Friday Grab Bag

(grand Fathered)
Ranma 1/2

(to show this week)
Shanna - T
Soul Eater - T
Mai Hime - T
Ghost Stories ENG - M
Victorian Romance - E
Monster - M
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - T
G Gundam S2 - R(acism)
Samurai Champloo - T
GTO (LA) - A
Kanokan - T/M/Ecchi

March 18th, 2009

Hi, JCon!

In case any of you are wondering about the school I'm working for now, I found a great promo video on YouTube, showing us off. And by great, I mean dancing nuns. DANCING NUNS.

Currently they have me in Taiwan, Taipei at first and now again, but Taichung three days ago and today, and Kao Hsiung between Taichung and today. On the 21st, I fly to Thailand to do more recruitment work. But none of that really matters much because we didn't bring any dancing nuns with us. Our results would quadruple if we had, I think!

I miss JCon more than y'all'll ever know, but I hooked Obi up with some freakin' sweet anime, so if it gets in next term, think of me fondly while you watch it? 'Cause you know that while you're watching it, I'll be watching you ...

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