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J-Con: Japanese Connection




Japanese Connection, fondly known as JCON, is the Japanese culture club at Ohio University. Talk about club activities, series, whatever you want.


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Obadiah, Amish, Ohayocon
Welcome back everyone!

The first meeting went very well. I was really happy to see so many new faces and look forward to getting to know everyone over the course of the quarter.

REMINDER!: In order to vote in club on what shows we're watching, you need to be a paid member. Make sure you bring your money to either the showing or the next meeting and give it to Zabeth.
$10 per quarter or $20 for the year

Other news:
Ponyo, the new Miyazaki film, is playing at the Athena Cinema starting Friday Sept. 10th. Bueno told me that a manager at the Athena wants to encourage all people interested in anime to attend one of the showings there in order to encourage them to show more Japanese films.

Also, Yamato drummers are going to be at Memorial Auditorium on Oct. 28th. I would like to see if we can all go as a group. I think it would be fun!
More news on this later.

That's all for now. See you at the showing Friday 6pm-midnight, Morton 235.

President Obi over and out!
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